Revenge of the Job Seeker

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The tables have turned on employers who, previously, have had the upper hand when it comes to recruiting new staff.

As the shortage of talented job applicants increasingly impacts upon companies who are seeking to grow and expand their business, job seekers with marketable skills are being bombarded with offers and counter offers meaning that, for some, the recruitment process has been turned into a 'beauty contest' between employers.

Companies now must not only match or improve upon salary but offer attractive benefits and working conditions as well as improve the recruitment experience. This means improving communication with interviewees who will need to know their progress every step of the way. More often 'careful consideration' can be mistaken for procrastination by employers or the feeling that they are nor serious about their recruitment. This can be make-or-break for job applicants who may take this as a reflection of the company's approach to business.

The re-emergence of the dreaded 'counter-offer' is being seen as candidates who appear to be fully committed to their new job application are suddenly spirited away by an improved package from their current employer. Though it may often be difficult for the rejected employer to swallow their pride, it is statistically worth staying in touch with the candidate as the majority of applicants who receive counter-offers are back on the job market within 6 months.

The overarching message for recruiters in 2017 is to improve your recruitment processes to stand the best chance of attracting the talent you need to grow your business.

Anne Jagger Recruitment can assist employers in improving their recruitment process through our commitment to the Good Recruitment Charter. Please contact us in either London or Witney, Oxfordshire to see how we can help. 

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