Control Your Redundancy

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Recently, I have noticed an increase in the amount of candidates I’m meeting due to redundancy.  Whilst this is a little on the scary side it has also made me think of all the positive opportunities this will create for experienced candidates.

This post aims to cover the pros of being made redundant, how to approach potential employers and tips on securing your new role.

  • Being available immediately instantly makes you more attractive than your competitors
  • It also demonstrates that you’re not looking for new opportunities because you want a ‘new challenge’ or ‘more money’
  • More often than not redundancy was a decision out of your hands, leaving a potential employer with a committed, trustworthy, reliable and most of all experienced candidate applying for a job.

What’s not to like?

To Do List

  1. Take Five
  2. Key Skills
  3. Weigh up your Options
  4. Register with a Recruitment Agency
  5. Interview Preparation

Take Five – You’ve just been made redundant, take a minute to let everything settle in. Redundancy can come as a shock and be quite an emotional experience (even for the toughest of business professionals!). This is especially important for those that have been in the same position for many years. Risk of you not taking some time out could lead you accepting the wrong opportunity.

Key Skills – Very important to update your CV with new skills. Your ‘Key Skills’ should be positioned at the top of your CV making them easily visible to potential employers. You’re probably unaware of just how many skills you have gained! To avoid missing any out, think about your daily routine at work and make a list. Remember to tailor your ‘Key Skills’ to each job you apply for and reflect the ‘Key Words’ in the job description.

Weigh up your Options – Think about what you loved about your job and equally what you didn’t enjoy so much? This is your time to evaluate everything and enable you to iron out any previous bug bears! It is important to consider things like travel time, salary and any company benefits. Sometimes it can be hard to walk into a new company and match your current salary, you may need to establish yourself first. Therefore, very important to weigh up all factors surrounding your job search.

Register with a Recruitment Agency ­ - Despite what you may have heard about us ‘money grabbing, recruitment sharks’, we are actually here to help. The majority of Recruitment Consultants are experts in their chosen fields and have a strong understanding of the current job market. They will know who is hiring, good companies to work for and how to represent you in the most attractive light to potential employers. Don’t just register with any agent, do your research and choose wisely. It is important you build a rapport with your Recruitment Consultant and you work together to secure the right opportunity.

Interview Preparation – I strongly believe that preparing for an interview can be the difference between receiving a job offer and not. It is that simple. For a successful interview you should confidently be able to answer the following: ‘What you know about the company?’ , ‘Why you’re interested in working for the business?’ and most important ‘Why are you a good fit for the role?’ For more interview tips, click here.

I would highly recommend you asking your Recruitment Consultant for an Interview Preparation session. This is something I offer my candidates and we have seen excellent results. Role play scenarios may seem humiliating and tedious, but wouldn’t you rather make any mistakes with your Consultant rather than the Employer? Food for thought.

Temporary Employment

I would encourage everyone without a notice period to of course consider temporary employment!  This is a great way to keep your mind occupied, Key Skills in check and demonstrates your work ethic.  Also, doors open doors. What is stopping a temporary opportunity becoming something more permanent? I am seeing more and of this.

Temporary to Permanent Opportunities

Temporary to permanent positions work both ways. The Employer can evaluate if you are right for the company and you can determine if the company are not only stable and successful but whether you want to work for them? This is a great way of keeping your options open and puts you back in control.


I hope this post has been helpful. For any questions on any of the above or for further discussions of how we can help please do not hesitate to contact me / or one of our Anne Jagger Team (

For a list of all our current available opportunities, please visit our website  If you can’t see a suitable opportunity, why not arrange an appointment with us and talk through your exact requirements?



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