Blog - September 2016

  • After David Cameron, Who Represents Witney Now?

    Posted on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 by Terry BrameNo comments

    The legacy of David Cameron may be as the Prime Minister who inadvertently led Britain out of the EU but, for the people of Witney, his constituency for the past 16 years, his resignation may have less of an impact. Although he put a great deal of initial effort into nursing his candidacy by attending a number of high profile social events after winning the nomination as Conservative candidate ...

  • Unemployment Falling, Inflation Stable - What could possibly go wrong?

    Posted on Monday, September 19, 2016 by Terry BrameNo comments

    Unemployment figures released recently show a marked fall in the number of people who are currently unemployed down by 39,000 to 1.63 million. Not great news for the 1.63 million but certainly a sign that the UK economy is continuing to recover from the recession hit catastrophe of two years ago. Inflation figures released 14 th September show a measly rate of 0.6%, not great news if fuel is your ...

  • Why is inflation our enemy and what is worse?

    Posted on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 by Terry BrameNo comments

    Inflation figures, released today, show the rate holding steady at 0.6%. This means the average price of everyday household goods and services has risen by about half a per-cent during the last 12 months. Doesn't seem much, and indeed it isn't, so why is so much importance attached to it? Inflation is probably the Governments biggest economic worry. For the last few years, controlling the rate of ...