Changes in tax codes - Frequently Asked Questions

Your money and the taxman 

Why is my Tax Code Changing?

The lovely people at HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs - 'The Taxman'!) have added a few pounds to the basic annual personal allowance.

This means that most people will be able to earn £12,500 per year before paying any income tax.

However, remember that this amount is divided into a weekly or monthly allowance, depending on how often you are paid. So, you can earn about £240 per week or £1,041 per month before you pay any Income Tax.

Due to the slightly mysterious way the HMRC work, this means MOST people's tax codes will change to 1250L in April 2019.

What if my tax code is different from the standard?

The Taxman should have written and advised you if there are special circumstances that give you more or less than the standard personal allowance. Contact HMRC via their website for help and enquiries over personal circumstances.

 What if I don't understand or agree with my new tax code. 

Your employer is unable to make enquiries on your behalf and must apply the tax codes issued. Anne Jagger Recruitment is happy to explain to it's temporary workers how we have calculated their tax but cannot liaise with the Taxman if you feel that this is incorrect. we can, however, point you in the right direction for tax enquiries, see our contact details below. 

What is a P60? 

The HMRC form, P60, is issued to all employees at the end of the tax year. It summarises your earnings and tax deductions from your current employer during the year. You will only receive a P60 from your PRESENT employer and it will only show pay and tax from your employment with THEM.

Any earnings from previous employment during the tax year will have been shown on a form P45 which should have been issued upon leaving. 

What if I have not received a P45 from my last employer?

Don't worry, Your previous employer should have sent this to you but, if you have not received it, the Taxman should have all the information he needs. Employers are now required to send all information to HMRC electronically and all information regarding employee tax deductions should be sent when payroll is processed so that your tax position is up to date. 

Where do I get my P60?

Your employer should send you one within a few weeks of the end of March 2019.

Anne Jagger Recruitment employees (including Temporary Workers) will find their P60 on-line with their payslips.

The new ‘Real Time Information’ system used by HMRC means that employers are obliged to provide weekly information about deductions made from employees. Because of this, there are now very few delays in allocating tax codes and processing payroll information. However, if you are currently temping for Anne Jagger and are concerned about your tax status please drop us an e-mail to and put ‘TAX’ in the subject line. We will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

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