Rejected by a Robot!

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Throughout my career as a Recruiter the market has changed dramatically in terms of attracting quality candidates. Whilst I appreciate the candidate market is probably the most competitive we have ever seen and new technical ‘recruitment tools’ make it easier to find candidates… I fear we may actually be losing sight of the individual behind the CV.

A popular Recruiter App has been designed to instantly reject or accept a candidate from a first glance of their CV. As an experienced and recommended recruiter the idea of ‘instant rejection’ makes me incredibly sad. What ever happened to having a conversation or a meeting with the potential applicant? Yes, they may not be suitable for that particular role but could they add value to another area of your business?

I understand that recruitment is often a very timely process but surely adding real value to your team involves more than ‘swiping right to recruit’! It reminds me of another well-known app… typically known for socialising. Is this really the best way to establish long term relationships?  

For me having a quick look at a person’s qualifications and job titles does not do the potential employee or recruiter justice.

What has happened to service, communication and rapport building?

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 “Ruth's approach to recruitment is refreshing in today's environment. When she takes on a candidate she really gets to know them and then proactively helps them find opportunities. She doesn't sit back and wait for roles to come across her desk that might be suitable, but actively tries to place you. I would happily recommend Ruth to anyone seeking employment assistance, or looking for the right candidate.”


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