Interview Preparation

1. Spend some time researching the company.

All interviewers will want to see that you have done some research on their company.

They don't expect you to recount the history of the business or for you to have learned more about them than a Mastermind contestant would. They do want to see evidence that you have done your homework and have genuinely thought about what it is about them that inspires you to work for them.

Looking at their website, discovering their mission statement and knowing a little about the key personnel you will be working for are all good signs that you are passionate about working for them and helping them (and your career) succeed. 

If you are going to an interview through an agency like Anne Jagger Recruitment, ensure that you are given as much information about the company as you need for the interview. Your consultant will know who you are meeting and will have an idea what they will be expecting you to know about them and their business.

Good preparation is the key to a good interview experience.

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