The Start-Up Revolution - It's not how big your beard is, it's what you do with it.

A look at how the Start-Up is changing the world of commerce for the better.

Our job at Anne Jagger Recruitment is to keep Customer Service specialists and Business Support professionals, such as accountants and marketers, connected to a growing database of successful start-up retailers. But where did this new breed of entrepreneur come from and why are they so successful... 

You have probably heard of the new 'disruptive' businesses such as Simba Sleep, Gousto and Bloom & Wild. However, you won't have walked down High Street, Anytown and seen them next to Costa or M&S and you certainly won't have visited your local retail park and entered their outlet shop or showroom.

Even so, these are just a few examples of start-up companies who are trading within a marketplace that recognises that online purchases are the new normal. More than that, they know that web-based businesses, rather than being seedy or 'fly-by-night', now make up a significant part of the commercial landscape and can operate with lower overhead costs which they pass on to the customer, if not in monetary terms then in an enhanced customer service function that provides benefits to the end user in terms of ease of use and client satisfaction.

Who are they?

Why are they different?

What's in it for me?