We Already Know Your Next Employee

As business picks up in virtually all sectors, many local companies are now experiencing a skills shortage for the first time in 5 years. The local skilled workforce has become depleted so quickly that businesses are spending more on training with no guarantee of retaining employees.

They think that by using internal resources they can recruit ‘spare capacity’ quickly and cheaply.

They are wrong.

You may find this surprising but, your next successful employee is probably;

  1. already working for one of your competitors,
  2. based outside the local area, and (here's the thing...)
  3. they’re probably not even looking for a job.

We have been recruiting Business Support Professionals for nearly 20 years.

We have a candidate database of highly skilled and experienced temporary, contract and permanent candidates that know that we will only speak to them if we feel that we have a suitable opportunity and that we will only submit their application if we think they will fit the role.

                                      We’d like to introduce you.

Anne Jagger Recruitment – The Right People