The art of Zendesk

 A few years ago there was a silent revolution in the IT world.

It affected nearly every Company that used any kind of business software, so that means just about every Company in the world.

It's the reason why your office probably no longer features the huge, energy sapping, relentlessly whirring, super computer in the corner of the "comms room" otherwise known as 'The Server'

If The Server went down, you might as well have put the kettle on, got  the paper out and settled down for an afternoon of 'IT guys' frantically rebooting, rebuilding and patching for all they were worth, with your role confined to waiting for someone to ask you to 'TRY IT NOW'.

Then something happened.

You may not have heard of SaaS but, we guarantee, you couldn't live without it.

Saas is 'Software as a Service' and is (sort of) what Facebook, Twitter and other social media use to provide you with their services.

Basically, their software sits on a server somewhere in The Cloud and delivers their service to you via the Internet. No need for you to load discs onto your PC or acquire access codes to some piece of 'land-based' hardware, you simply put in your username and password and your using some of the most sophisticated sofware the planet has ever seen to tell your next-door-neighbour that you're having a bar-b-q.

But that's not the only use for SaaS

Most business applications now work in the same way and, often, you don't realise they are there at all.

Take for instance.. 



Zendesk is the software responsible for those wonderful 'chat' boxes that appear when you go to a company's website and allow you to ask questions about a product before you buy it.

Zendesk is the company that is currently helping over 200,000 businesses worldwide improve their customer service by letting customers and prospective clients log their questions, problems or enquiries direct to the Customer Service team without the bother of waiting in a lengthening queue on the telephone.

Zendesk is part of the silent revolution of SaaS applications that has taken Customer Service into the realms of 'skilled office work'. Experience on Zendesk and other major SaaS systems puts candidates supplied by Anne Jagger Recruitment ahead of the competition when we are recruiting for companies at the forefront of today's technological revolution.

It is what we mean when we say we specialise in Office Professionals. Professional office people, with relevant and highly specialised skills.

Take the next step and speak to us about your business and how it is coping with the new revolution.