Why Employers Have Run Out Of Jobseekers

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Employment figures are now running at their highest level since such records began at the start of the 1970's according to the Governments latest figures.

This means the jobless queue is shorter than most employers can ever remember, good new for the economy but every story has its downside...

Whilst economic growth is continuing steadily, the requirement for skilled and unskilled workers also continues and, unfortunately, the search for staff becomes harder. What, until recently, was a simple matter of advertising in a number of assorted media, especially the rich vein of the internet job boards, has now become a wild goose chase for businesses that need to expand their workforce. Experienced workers are now generally employed in their specialist sector and their appetite for job searching, CV submission and interviews is low. This means that only those with access to those already in employment have the best chance of finding a new prospective employee.

The CBI reveal that 56% of employers cannot find people to fill their roles as unemployment tumbles to 4.9%.

Professional recruiters are now among the few sources of finding new talent for businesses as Recruitment Agencies filled over 600,000 jobs in the last calendar year.

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