Recruitment Trends Confound Brexit Fears

Monday, November 21, 2016

The current employment market skills shortage, represents the biggest challenge for growing UK firms according to a recent survey by recruitment software giant,Bullhorn

Recruiters, surveyed before and after the Brexit vote in June 2016, remained concerned that skills shortages in specialist positions in all sectors of the employment market will affect the cost of hiring talent for companies who seek to grow their business and expand their market share.

Post-Brexit fears around the effect of candidate availability caused by restrictions on the movement of labour across European borders continue to indicate that the cost of hiring will increase over the next two years.

In plain terms, shortage of supply cuts both ways. What is bad news for employers may be an opportunity for job seekers who wish to maximise their earning potential. Careful and realistic negotiation can often improve an initial offer but it is important not to use this leverage to alienate the employer. The third-party approach of a recruitment agency can often help manage expectations from both sides of the desk.