Monthly Job Market Analysis

Thursday, April 17, 2014

72% of employers plan to increase their permanent headcount in the next three to twelve months, according to the REC's January jobs survey.

Firms employing between 11 and 50 employees lead the demand for both permanent and agency workers with larger firms of 200+ employees also contributing significantly.

The major skills shortages appear to be emerging in Driving and Distribution workers, with 16% of employers citing a shortage, closely followed by IT, Computing and Telecoms (15%) and Technical and Engineering staff (13%). This points to growth within the manufacturing and retail sectors.

As the new financial year begins, 46% of employesr surveyed expect their demand for agency workers to increase over the next 4 to 12 months. This represents a significant increase of 7 percentage points over the previous quarter leading to hopes that this demand may increase pay rates which have stagnated over the last two years.

The Gfk Index in January also showed a significant increase in Consumer Confidence, arguably one of the most important factors in economic recovery.