Experience is more valuable than qualifications

Thursday, September 6, 2018

What do you think we mean by 'The Skills Shortage'?

Many of our candidates underestimate their skills and fail to realise how valuable their experience has become.

With unemployment lower than it has been for more than a generation, and the internet enabling more start-up businesses than ever before, almost any customer-focused or business support function has an enhanced commercial value.

Our clients are hungry for on-line customer service teams as their companies become more successful. They are generating more sales enquiries and needing more customer support. Whether you are waiting for your new mattress to arrive or expecting your next on-line shopping delivery. Whether you need to know what food to buy your hanging basket or which gas and electricity tariff you be be using, every business needs someone at the end of the telephone, e-mail or on-line chat to respond to their question as if they are the only customer that really matters.

If you think you can respond to the challenge of the new era of on-line business, we can put you in front of key employment decision makers who want to speak to you.

Don't underestimate your skills, you could be worth more than you think.