Brexit - What Happens Now?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What Will The Government Do Next?

Prime Minister Theresa May has already made it clear that the UK will not be rushed into Brexit but nothing can happen until the government trigger "Article 50", which is a condition of the Treaty of Lisbon.

When negotiations commence, the UK will need to set out its terms for leaving the European Union. This will be led by a new government department who will need ALL 27 MEMBER STATES to agree the terms before they are ratified. This will not happen overnight! Once the UK notifies the European Council of the decision to withdraw there are 2 years in which to conclude negotiations with a possible extension to that period if members agree.

The negotiations will attempt to determine what level of access the UK has to the single market and what restrictions of movement will be imposed upon people, services and goods, this latter could have an impact upon the UK immigration policy.

National Living Wage legislation continues and all regulations, such as Holiday Pay and Agency Worker Regulations, will still apply up until negotiations to exit are complete.