10 Years on and age discrimination still counts

Thursday, September 15, 2016

There has been plenty of case law in the 10 years since Age Discrimination Legislation was implemented within the Employment Equality Regulations and not all of it applies to discrimination against older people. 

The law seeks to protect all workers from being treated less favourably because of their age. Successful claims can result in uncapped damages so can potentially be extremely expensive for firms who cannot defend their actions.

Since the act came into force, the default retirement age has been repealed meaning that employers can no longer impose a compulsory retirement age on their employees unless there is a reasonable justification. 

Earlier this year an employee who had been given the nickname "Gramps" and who was described as "old-fashioned" won a claim for harassment after being dismissed and was awarded £63,000.

An 18 year-old, who was described by her boss as a "stroppy teenager", successfully won a claim for harassment because the remarks were stereotypical and discriminatory.

The provisions of the act stem from an EU directive which may need to be reviewed if Article 50 is triggered following the Brexit vote.