Lying on your CV

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One of my candidates asked me this week whether it would be best to put her most recent employer as a temporary position rather than permanent on her CV , as they hadn’t been there that long ….the answer to this is always NO.

As an experienced Recruitment Consultant I have seen my fair share of exaggerated skill sets and over generous job titles. Whilst your CV should maximise your true potential and act as a platform to showcase your skillset, it is important you stick to the facts!

In my experience, fibbing on your CV will only ever set you up to fail.

If you’re worried that your CV is starting to look a little too much like a ‘job hopper’ please stop and talk to your Consultant about how to approach this at interview stage. We live in a world where redundancies are becoming increasingly common and more competitive opportunities are easier to reach, therefore, causing you to move around a little. Nothing wrong with that (within reason).  As long as you can explain the gaps in your CV and have justified reasons for leaving positions, this is fine and should not affect your application. 

As for skill set and qualifications, if you need to exaggerate on this part then I would question whether the job you’re applying for is really right for you…

Don’t forget also that one of the most important things employers have to think about is team fit! Transferable skills and personality are just as important as skill set and qualifications. Just recently I placed a candidate into an industry and role she had no experience of. It was her drive, enthusiasm and attitude that secured her the opportunity!

I personally cannot think of anything worse than starting a new job where people’s expectations are too high? You will end up right back where you started. If the opportunity is right for you there will be no need to exaggerate, lie or fluff anything up.

I guess my overall message to current job seekers this week would be to have confidence and be yourself!

Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions regarding the above. As always, I am happy to help.

Thanks and have a lovely weekend!


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