5 ways to make sure you select the right Recruitment Agency

Posted on Monday, May 22, 2017 by Ruth Davies1 comment

On Friday, I had the pleasure of networking from our Kings Cross Office.

It’s always a great opportunity for me to see what’s going on in London, hear success stories and discuss any recruitment trends … along with enjoying the buzz of city life for the day!

This morning we were talking about our competitors and it has made me realise just how many Recruitment Agencies are out there! With so many Consultants making promises, how can you separate the good from the bad? This post aims to advise how you can identify which Agency is right for you...


Believe it or not arranging an appointment to meet your Recruitment Consultant is possibly the most important part to any registration process. Combining a candidate’s skill set and experience with their personality is key to matching them with the right culture and environment of a business. This is much easier to identify during a face to face meeting.

For those Recruiters that don’t invite you to meet, question them. You wouldn’t accept a job without going for an interview? Putting your trust into an Agent who you don’t know or haven’t met is not that different. Is it?

I obviously understand there will be certain situations where a meeting is not possible so make sure you have a scheduled telephone/skype registration call instead.

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As there are so many agencies out there you have the luxury to pick one that will specialise in the area of your choosing. Selecting a Recruitment Agency that specialises in particular areas suggests they are more likely to understand your requirements. They are also more likely to already be aware of relevant vacancies.

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I would recommend registering with a Recruitment Agency that is local to you. If you are based in London and you are contacted by a Manchester Agency (for example) chances are the Agent is not interested in meeting with you or the potential employer. Maybe not the most consultative approach…


Your chosen Agency should aim to stay in touch with you on a regular basis. I would advise touching base on a fortnightly basis, minimum. Equally, if you experience any updates in your job search – maybe you’ve interviewed somewhere or applied for a role, make sure you let your Consultant know! Work together and you will see results.

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In an ideal world you would register with one Consultant, establish a great relationship and land your dream job. Unfortunately, with the job market becoming increasingly more competitive this is not so easy.  For a discrete and efficient job search I would advise to register with no more than 3 Agencies. The last thing you need is your CV being duplicated across multiple businesses and you losing track of what you’ve applied for.  

Our latest member of the Anne Jagger Team, Tom, has recently moved here from Somerset and noticed the increase also. Even more of a reason to continue providing a consultative and honest approach at Anne Jagger Recruitment.

“I have moved from a corporate national company to an independent family run agency who pride themselves on a specific recruitment sector. I pride myself on giving all my candidates fair and reasonable advice and help when looking for a new role. I help to prepare and make sure that they are in the correct frame of mind to tackle any question asked with confidence. It’s been a very different market from Somerset but I am quickly building relationships with clients and candidates to understand the correct requirements needed. “   Tom Phillips, tom@annejagger.com


I hope this has been helpful and has given you food for thought when registering with a new Recruitment Agency. Any questions welcome as always.

Have a good week!


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1 comment on "5 ways to make sure you select the right Recruitment Agency"

  • IT Consultant says: 30 May 2017 at 07:19

    To get your dream job its essential to look for the best recruitment agency and these points would help you getting the best.