It's About Time

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86% of SME's waste their time recruiting...

According to new research, small and medium sized enterprises admit that they lack the necessary skills to recruit efficiently, wasting up to 10 extra hours per week on the hiring process.

This fact has been known to most Recruitment Agencies for some time but is frequently overlooked by employers who are searching to grow their team. Advertising and fielding response can be a major time factor when seeking to hire a new employee, especially when the job advertisement has been placed in a completely inappropriate place. Candidate attraction is becoming harder as unemployment falls and many job applicants are able to be more discerning about their next employer. This means that jobseekers often wish to use an independent third party to discuss the job role and, more importantly, the company offering the opportunity before taking the next step in the application process.

Anne Jagger Recruitment advise SME's to speak with their agency about discounts or staged payments to offset the cost of using specialised recruiters. The cost of making the wrong decision when offering a new employee increases the cost of the time spent on the process and SME's are advised to work with an agency that offers FULL rebates for unsuccessful hires. 


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