Weekly Pay with Anne Jagger Temporaries Team

Getting paid is the most important part of your temporary assignment.

In order to get paid for the hours you work you need to provide Anne Jagger Recruitment with evidence that you have performed your job satisfactorily and that you are claiming the correct number of hours worked.

To do this you will need to fill out a time sheet and have it authorised by your line manager, supervisor or the person to whom you report.

Anne Jagger Recruitment uses the Timesheet Portal timesheet system and in order to use it you must have an account. This is quick and simple to set up, free of charge and features an 'app' which means you will be able to submit your time sheet using your mobile or tablet.

Your weekly hours must be validated by your line manager by Tuesday's at Midday, so you will need to have completed your time sheet by Monday at 1 pm at the latest. Check with your line manager or with your Anne Jagger consultant to ensure they have received your hours when you have submitted them (see below). 

Submitting Your Timesheet

Click on the image above to access our timesheet system


Checking Your Payslip

We will send you a weekly payslip that you can check using our on-line facility. This will give you all the information you require to keep up to date with your earnings and tax position including your present Tax Code.

Anne Jagger Recruitment uses an on-line payslip system that should be easy to access and keep a record of your pay during your time as an Anne Jagger Temp.

Your consultant will send you login details and you will need to follow the instructions to access your details. Your payslip will give you the following information.

  1. Your pay for the week
  2. Your total pay to date
  3. The amount of any deductions for Tax and National Insurance
  4. Your present Tax Code (either BR or a number ending with the letter 'L')
  5. Your 'net' or 'take home' pay.

Your payslip should be available by Thursday afternoon each week and the cash will be paid into your bank by Friday morning.

If you have any questions or queries regarding your pay, speak to your consultant or e-mail our Payroll Service at payroll@annejagger.com