We pay your Black Friday staffing costs, so you don't have to.

If you are gearing up for Black Friday and the Christmas period and will require temporary Customer Support staff - skilled, experienced and ready to hit the ground running - we will pay for their time on the 29th November and not charge you a penny!

Black Friday is a term that no-one this side of the Atlantic had heard of until a few years ago. Even then, it just seemed to be an excuse for local newscasters to show bargain-hunters fighting over wide screen telly's in high street retailers.

Now, however, every consumer-savvy online retailer is taking advantage of the fact that their customers are looking for an end of November bargain on which to spend what may be their final pre-Christmas pay.

Whilst it's a huge opportunity to gear up for an early advent sales drive, we have found that the seasonal rush in enquiries can often be a double-edged sword for our clients who need to provide fast and efficient customer response to the increased sales enquiries.

That is why, this year, we are going to help our valued retail clients provide the cover they need at a cost they can afford...



Obviously we have various T's & C's but you WILL save money at a time of year where you are also giving away cash to your valued customers.

Speak to us now, we have a limited number of registered candidates and lots of clients who will need to take advantage of this offer.