3 Ways To Improve Your Personal Value

 career success



A successful career is worth a £Million

It's true. If you work for 40 years with a modest pay increase every year - either through your current employer or by changing jobs every now and then - you will earn way over a Million Pounds in your working lifetime.

Impressive figures - trust us, it's true - but how do you plan to achieve and, more importantly, beat this target income?

For many of us it's like standing at the bottom of a mountain that we have to scale - but wait, what if that mountain was made of cash and it was all yours?

Your personal WORTH is very much linked to your personal WEALTH but the two things don't always happen together. Often you need to be a worthy person before you get to be a wealthy person, but how do you increase your worth?

1. Reliability

We all have someone that we know we can rely upon. Often it is a family member or a close friend but, every now and then, we come across someone in our every day lives in whom we realise that we can always rely. It may be our doctor, our teacher, our next door neighbour or the pizza delivery guy that always gets your order right. Whoever it is, you suddenly realise that, for ages, they have been delivering exactly what they promised to the extent that you almost take them for granted.

Here's the thing though...

These are the people you keep going back to, the people that you put your faith in when the chips are down. By making yourself that Mr or Ms Reliability you will be the one that your employer will begin to trust with that special project, that responsible role or that upcoming promotion.

Keep your promises, take ownership of your responsibilities and commit to delivering on what is expected, even if it means going that extra mile for what may seem like little immediate reward. Believe us, there are so few people that adopt this attitude in the workplace these days that your extra effort will stand out like a rose in the desert.

2. Integrity

This means trustworthiness, and TRUST is one of the most valuable attributes you can offer another human being.

To be trustworthy means that you can be relied upon to act with complete truthfulness and discretion. Nobody likes a 'gossip' and the employees that are constantly spreading rumours and divulging secrets are the one's who constantly get passed over for the plum jobs. Nobody trusts them and nobody wants them to know their business. Employers value integrity, senior employees are usually involved with the most confidential aspects of a business and only the most discrete players are chosen for the top jobs. Keep your opinions to yourself until you are asked for them, one day they will be more valuable than you may imagine.

3. Ambition

You have to have ambition to succeed. Don't be satisfied with where you are currently, set your sights on the next logical move. This doesn't mean being impatient or chasing the money around, you can't keep job-hopping for an extra few pounds here and there, but set your sights on the next goal and focus on achieving it within a reasonable time scale.

Ambitious people see every opportunity as a stepping stone, they focus on getting the small steps right in order to reach their target.

Become the hub of your network, be the person that your colleagues turn to when they need something. Master your role within the business, no matter how minor you consider it to be at present. Your hard work and diligence will pick you out as the person with ambition to succeed in bigger and better tasks.